For the past few months, I’ve never updated these pages for one reason, TIRED.  Sudden increase of people interested in the esoteric knowledge sprouts in search engines everywhere.  Armed with obssession trying to squeeze each blogsite of everything they can get out of each authors will.  First action that comes to my mind is to halt what I used to do and tried to observe the results of those people’s compulsion.  And for such period of almost 6 months, I therefore can conclude that mostly or 99% of those web hungry individuals did not managed to turn those gathered “special words” into real POWER.

 WHY???  The most popular question of all times…  

Disappointment comes to those who can’t get of what they are wishing for.  Thus the blame game starts.  Incomplete testaments, missing keys, unrevealed secrets, wrong pronunciations and sometimes also points out to wrong methods and applications.  But what really matters?



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